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Web: www.myack.com                                                                                          LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dkogan

Twitter: @kogandan                                                                                                             Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kogan.dan

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Entrepreneur by choice, software engineer by training and application architect by experience, I’m interested in helping companies innovating in the Internet sector, especially in the consumer health-related space, to achieve the new frontiers in user engagement. Creative analytics, unique approach to personalized search, metrics, decision-making support, user data analysis, and social recommendations are just some of the techniques that I’m passionate about and have extensive expertise in.


During the past 20 years I’ve developed enterprise-class software for the financial, software and retail industries and had founded two successful companies – Information Laboratory, acquired by IBM in 2003 and HealthWorldWeb, acquired by Health Grades in 2010.




·          Excellent problem solving skills

·          Knowledge of patterns and behavior of complex systems

·          Broad knowledge of modern software development tools, practices & patterns

·          Understanding of issues in software lifecycle & release management

·          Leadership skills and technology strategy

·          Willingness to learn and to mentor

·          Serial Entrepreneur / Startups Founder





Practices                                Design Patterns · UML · Agile Development


Tech                       Java · C/C++ · PHP ·  Python  

MongoDB · Postgress · MySQL  · SQL Server

JavaScript · XML · XSL · JSON · HTML

JSP · AJAX · Cake PHP · Lithium


Expertise                                Search · Analytics · AI and Decision making algorithms

Code Patterns and Quality Control  · Data Mining

Large scale platforms architecture · White-label solutions  

Warehouses & Data Marts · ETL Tools                                                                              


Semantic Web        Ontologies · Inference Engines · SPARQL · RDF · Semantic Analysis                              



Software Development          API · Search · Static Analysis · Metrics Analysis · Rule Engines · Architectural Anti-patterns


General                                  Startup Management · Technical Project Management · Clients Relationships


Processes                              Agile Processes & Project Cycle Management · QA & Quality Software Compliance


Data mining/Analytics           Data Mining & Analysis · Back Propagation & Kohonen Neural Networks · Metrics


Social Networks Analysis     Mining social graph for patterns · Recommendation Engine  · Personalization Analytics


Healthcare IT                         Health Resources Search · Patient Communities  · Personalized Health Content




US Application No. 14/300,802




                                                                Dean's List                                                                                                             1991 - 1993


                                                                Henry Trust Foundation Scholarship                                                                 1991



                                                                Second Prize Winner in International Team Physics Tournament:                                 1988


                                                                First Prize Winner in State Math Tournament:                                                    1987, 1988


                                                                Nominee by Software Development Magazine:

                                                                Small Worlds is 5-star rated in Software & Jolt Award                                      2000


                                                                Acquisition of Small Worlds Static Analysis Tool by IBM                                 2003


                                                                2008 WWW Health Awards:

                                                                Best Online Health Information                                                                           2008       


                                                                Acquisition of HealthWorldWeb Platform by HealthWorldWeb                                        2010



Eclipse Con: Dependency Analysis Techniques                                                              2006


                                                                IBM Academy: Dependency Analysis, Metrics & Refactoring                                           2007


                                                                Health 2.0: Collective Intelligence                                                                       2008


                                                                Health 2.0:  Recommendation Engine Demo                                                     2008


                                                                Health 2.0: Big Data Analysis                                                                               2013





CEO, Myack Inc., NY                                                                                                                                           August 2011 – Present

Consulting Practice to Fortune 500 Companies


BetterDoctor.com (Chief Data Scientist)


Lead the architecture and implementation of the second generation of Consumer and API Search Engine using MongoDB, CouchDB, Python, Ruby and Elastic Search


Lead the efforts behind Data Management Platform, with ETL, Indexation, API and Enriched Metadata, Data History, Dynamic Bio Generation and Ontology services using MongoDB, Python and Elastic Search


Neurocern.com (CTO-in-Residence)


Lead the architecture and implementation of Neurocern API & Hosted Widgets for Dementia Diagnostics toolset using AI techniques and Swagger, JS, PHP/Lithium and Postgres technologies


Vitals.com (Director of Engineering)


                Lead the architecture and implementation of Search Engine behind Vitals.com using Solr and MongoDB technologies. Extended

                Solr client-side architecture for automatic query generation based on business rules and contextual search use cases and facets.




Lead the team to implement white-label provider finder solution deployed on a number of sites. Architected and lead

Implementation efforts to deliver data warehouse & data marts, API, configuration and widget frameworks to enable per client restricted access, reporting, analytics with Hat-And-Boot, IFrame or widget-based installations.


Multi-client setup is running on a single cluster supported by the platform stack consisting of Postgress DB, Solr, MongoDB and Lithium PHP Framework. The onboarding process and warehouse generation is supported by Talend ETL process with custom automation framework that continuously monitors clients’ and internal changes in the underlying data sets and delivers updates in near-real-time. The near-real-time updates are realized with A/B server switch to support 24/7 interrupted site operation.


Health 2.0 Conference (CTO-in-Residence)


Managed updates and releases of all Health 2.0 properties and E-Commerce modules for the conference tickets sales and reporting



Lead the team to implement white-label analogy of Angel List ( http://angel.co ) for Healthcare IT startups called SourceDB. The application features browsing and search the dynamic graph of Companies, People and Products with ability to add, edit and link the related entities for search, analytics and reporting.


Life Sciences Angel Network (CTO-in-Residence)


Lead the team to implement the Angel fund site with ability to host conferences and submit proposals online.


Blueprint Health


Mentoring and technical consulting to a number of incubated startups


Color Eight, LLC (CTO, co-founder)



Co-founded the first social routing engine to deliver users’ questions to a number of Social Networks and online forums and harvesting responses from all posted sources, based on semantic and sentiment analysis, decision making algorithms and personal preferences, and arbitration based on answer matching and proximity to posted question. The mobile app Q! is delivered to Android, IOS and Windows stores.


VP Internet Business Group HealthGrades, Denver CO                                                                        July 2010 – March 2011

Lead rebranding and scaling efforts on MyHealthExperience for www.healthgrades.com.


CEO/Founder, Health World Web, LLC, Staten Island, NY                                                                        June 2006 – July 2010

In 2010, MyHealthExperience Social Decision Platform for Health was acquired by Health Grades

Health World Web ( www.healthworldweb.com ) is health-focused social networking site which  serves as an effective

interactive medium that allows people impart their versatile knowledge to diverse users who care about their health.


MyHealthExperience (www.myhealthexperience.com, the flagship product of Health World Web, is the internet-based social

decision platform related to the medical and healthcare industry with the personalized recommendation engine (“PRE”), driven

by user profiles, on-site behavioral patterns and network analysis techniques to direct the push of both professional- and user-generated health-related content as well as recommendations for medical professionals to the users


Lead the scientific research and implementation of the first of a kind artificial brain that helps health consumers make a better choice

In the healthcare. The innovation includes successful combination of various areas of AI and Decision making technologies to facilitate

the learning and evolution of users’ preferences on the site that leads to the intelligent personalized recommendations. Successfully implemented all aspects of technologies evaluation and deployment, server setup & disaster recovery.


Senior Architect & Development Manager, IBM / Rational – ASQ / Jazz                                                                  2003 – 2009

Contributor to the core platform of the new Rational RTC and Jazz.net offerings https://jazz.net/pub/index.jsp

Architected the Generic Asset Inventory system using Jazz.net platform for Rational Test Lab Manger Project for Rational ASQ


Architected the Application Analysis Framework and the Application Analysis Integration platform for IBM Research

As the lead for the analysis portal prepared the guidelines for dependency analysis-based refactoring presented to the IBM Academy

Lead the efforts for Software static, metrics and testing analysis as an ASQ division representative on Quality Software

Engineering committee Lead the efforts on implementing Quality Dashboard and Metrics Analysis for IBM Rational ASQ division


Head IBM-wide CodeReview Static Analysis Community of 200+, delivering additions to CodeReview feature in

IBM Rational Software Architect 6.0 and IBM Rational Application Developer 6.0 for Java


Architected and built Architectural CodeReview with Architectural Patterns and Architectural Discovery features in

IBM Rational Software Architect 6.0 & 6.0.1 offering www-306.ibm.com/software/awdtools/architect/swarchitect


Participated in development of Static Analysis CodeReview feature in IBM Rational Application Developer 6.0 & 6.0.1 for Java

offering www-306.ibm.com/software/awdtools/developer/application/index.html and rebranding of SmallWorlds into IBM SA4J www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/sa4j


CTO/Co-Founder, Information Laboratory, Inc., New York, NY                                                                                     2000 – 2003


In 2003, SmallWorlds Dependency Analysis Platform was acquired by IBM

SmallWorlds is a structural dependencies analysis tool that measures code stability. It detects structural "anti-patterns"

and provides detailed exploration of anti-patterns in the dependency webs of the software


As the CTO of Information Laboratory, participated in all phases of design and development of SmallWorlds Tool.


As the senior partner was heavily involved into both long term company strategic development as well as day-to-day activities,

including business plan development, marketing, PR, sales, legal, accounting.


While leading the Consulting branch of Information Laboratory, Inc. successfully completed a number of assignments for the

Fortune 500 clients, including Morgan Stanley, Madstone Films and Data Synapse.


Information Laboratory Clients:                                    


Morgan Stanley, New York, NY


Market Risk Department of Morgan Stanley was building new system for Risk calculations. The new system required most complex calculations in the Near-Real time to accommodate both large-scale nightly batches as well as ad-hoc requests. I was invited as an expert in architecture and engineering large scale peer-to-peer systems as well as scalable and robust large application frameworks. 


The tasks in engineering the Market Risk Framework included specifications and functional requirements analysis, architecture proposal, technical specifications, choice of technologies and tools, planning and supervision of the project.


The system was built around generic plug-in based Server with Adaptable Communication Layer.  This solution allowed dynamic discovery and enabling of plug-ins, thus facilitating dynamic nature and run-time configuration of Business Logic Services. The plug-ins communication is enabled via internal Message Bus and via both Broadcast and Peer-to-Peer communication channels between different Servers. The Framework was built using powerful combination of Java Beans and XML and included architecture, design and implementation of Internal Message Bus and services. The Messaging Channels are enabled via Sockets, RMI, JMS and SOAP.


Madstone Films, New York, NY


Madstone Films was building one of the first nationwide platforms for digital content distribution.


As the consulting branch leader I lead the development of the DDN Framework and implemented DDN Application Server and Madstone Films Website on top of the Framework.  The Framework allowed seamless Madstone Business Object Persistence to and from XML & Database Data Sources and Business Object Generic GUI Presentation using powerful combination of Java Beans and XML.


Data Synapse, Inc. New York, NY


Data Synapse, Inc. has built one of the world's largest peer-to-peer computing networks. Data Synapse is offering to its clients the computational abilities of unprecedented power, by utilizing the idle CPU of broadband home users. Information Laboratory, Inc. was brought in to architect and implement the core of Data Synapse distributed platform.





Senior Software Engineer,              Commerzbank Securities, New York, NY                                                     1999 – 2000        

Managed design and implementation of Generic Exchange Gateway (GEG) foundation classes for Security Exchange Links;

created CORBA-based Generic Gateway Interface for GEG


Lead development of link to London Stock Exchange using GEG and ICV Protocol Libraries; managed developers in London to

establish and test connectivity to London and NY based data flow processing and data managing Information Electronic BUS system


Participated in building Client Gateway system, which enables clients to route orders as well as receive notifications & executions

through different Commerzbank entities to US and overseas Securities Exchanges using employed protocol


Participated in restructuring and improving of EBUS architecture and processing


Senior System Analyst,                    Lehman Brothers, New York, NY                                                                    1997 – 1999        

Designed and developed new features in ABS/MBS Cash Flow Generator library; expanded Analytics API used by Risk Group


Worked on the Bond’s Interest Accretion, Average Life, Duration and other financial calculations for ABS/MBS deals structures


Designed and implemented Analytics Group’s ABS/MBS Web Site which enabled users to access secondary market ABS/MBS

data, price/yield calculations and alpha version of Lehman Yield Book


System Analyst,                                  Goldman Sachs & Co., New York, NY                                                            1994 – 1997        

Participated in design and implementation of Account Surveillance System Analytics Engine; worked on analysis, verification and

implementation of formulas for Portfolio Value Change, Year-To-Date and Monthly Turnover, Market Performance, and other Filters


Assumed responsibility for Statistical Data Modeling Project which defined criteria for exception generation engine as well as Yearly

Statistical Recalibration of Filters


EDUCATION                                       B.A. Computer Science, New York University, Cum Laude                                               1991 -  1994