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Entrepreneur by choice, software engineer by training and application architect by experience, I’m interested in helping companies innovating in the Internet sector, especially in the consumer health-related space, to achieve the new frontiers in user engagement. Creative analytics, unique approach to personalized search, metrics, decision-making support, user data analysis, and social recommendations are just some of the techniques that I’m passionate about and have extensive expertise in.

During the past 17 years I’ve developed enterprise-class software for the financial, software and retail industries and had founded two successful companies – Information Laboratory, acquired by IBM in 2003 and HealthWorldWeb, acquired by Health Grades in 2010.

Expertise & Domain Knowledge


My expertise varies from the knowledge of financial instruments and software tools to, most recently, “Health 2.0” paradigm that consists of online consumer-facing tools and services in the health space. The promise to consumers, pledged by many companies in Health 2.0 space, is to provide the unique set of services within a framework that reduces confusion, redundancy, and anxiety about health-related concerns and decisions, while accounting for irrationality of human behaviors, overall health illiteracy, vulnerability and emotions. I do believe that technology will play an unequivocal role in attempting to resolve the complex problem of understanding the human intent and recommending the next set of actions in each individual case. That could be achieved via a powerful set of tools created to educate the consumers about their health, show the options they might not be aware of and help them make the right choice thus delivering on the promise of the “Better Health”.


Over the course of my career I have tried different approaches to software development ranging from rapid prototyping of an alpha product at a start-up to full life-cycle code management of a large-scale project in the enterprise environment. I successfully deployed RUP, SCRUM and Agile UP in dozens of projects with various teams and learned that the key to the project success is in the balance between the project size, overall skill set of the development team and the SDLC processes implemented during the product evolution.

Projects Breadth

I had a privilege of being a part of several great projects in my professional life: Data Mining Analytics System at Goldman Sachs created to detect the trading anomalies; Cashflow analytics for asset-back securities at Lehman Brothers; building the trading system at Commerzbank Securities; SmallWorlds environment at Information laboratory; Peer-to-Peer platform at Data Synapse; Jazz at IBM and many others. MyHealthExperience was probably the most challenging of them all as it spawned a lot of different aspects of knowledge areas and required additional research.


I employed advanced concepts such as Decision Making Algorithms and Social Graph mining, and led the development of Ontology that links human diseases, symptoms and medical specialties as well as behavioral models for using Neural Networks elements of AI. I’ve pioneered several advanced technologies with the use of Complex Metrics and the creation of personalized search engine, to name just a few.

Most of my recent work had been done in Java and PHP. I’m a big supporter of building a better and cleaner code by utilizing the knowledge of patterns and promoting the discipline in software architecture that stems from the deep roots in Static Analysis.

Who is Dan Kogan

Most recently, Dan Kogan has served as Chief Executive Officer of HealthWorldWeb, LLC., which was founded in 2006 with a goal of expanding traditional provider search capabilities, including social communication platforms, through MyHealthExperience. In July 2010, Health Grades, Inc., the leading independent health care ratings organization, acquired HealthWorldWeb’s MyHealthExperience platform.

Prior to founding HealthWorldWeb, Mr. Kogan was the founder and CTO of Information Laboratory, a company that pioneered a structural analysis tool called Small Worlds. Small Worlds successfully applied proprietary analytics to compute the stability and goodness of software. In 2003, IBM acquired Information Laboratory.

Prior to Information Laboratory, Mr. Kogan spent seven years building financial analytical systems on Wall Street.

Mr. Kogan holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from New York University.

Team Cumulative Experience and Expertise

Past engagements :

My team and I had been lucky working with the latest and greatest technologies implementing the coolest projects not only from the tech perspective but also from the standpoint of projects that make a difference and have a high impact on consumers.

We have done Doctor Search-based apps 4 times over(!), Medical Ontologies twice, a number of Individual Doctor Sites, Hospital Sites, Hospital Directories and finders, Physicians and Clinics searching portals, Medical terms matching, taxonomies management and auto-matching, Health Plans cleansing and comparison toolsets, 2 times Data Management & ETL solutions built with and without off-the-shelf tools, Health VC Fund site, Health Resources Market Intelligence Search & CRM toolsets, 2 times embedded white-label client solutions, 3 times Health resources API implementations, auto-diagnostic tools, and many other interesting and useful projects. Our code is running behind many consumer oriented sites and B2B solution portals and APIs, our search algorithms are deployed by Fortune 500 companies, our Data Warehousing solutions are managing billion of data points across major Health IT companies.

Data architecture, analysis and analytics is our bread-and-butter and we are flexible to work in many different environments using different programming languages using agile methodologies. My team comes completed with engineers, sys admin, designer and QA. We tend to engage only with very few large clients at the time so we can focus and dedicate our time exclusively.

Our Cumulative Tech Experience :

Languages : Python, PHP, JS, Java, C, C++, Ruby/ROR
Databases : MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, CouchDB, RDF/Sparql
Frameworks: Pyramid, RoR, NodeJS, Lithium
Search: ElasticSearch, Solr
API Gateways: 3Scale, Amazon, WSO2
Processes: Agile/Scrum

Domain Knowledge :

  • APIs
  • Search
  • Ontologies
  • Data Management
  • Data Science
  • Web sites designs
  • White-label solutions

Some of the work we have helped with :