Social interactions and intelligent decision making for healthcare industry


HealthWorldWeb (HWW) was founded in 2006 with the vision of expanding the traditional provider search capabilities and helping a health care consumer find the right resource for the right consumer at the right time. The vision was to include personalized recommendations, more search options, social tags, and community referrals. We looked at a health care provider’s education training, board certifications, and disciplinary actions if any.  And we allowed users to add their own opinions and evaluations.

In July 2010, HealthWorldWeb was acquired by HealthGrades, the leading independent health care ratings organization. More information on HealthGrades can be found at


Consumers are increasingly using the Internet as a first step and ongoing research tool for obtaining personalized health-related information. Online health care social networks represent unique opportunity as both patients and providers are seeking information about each other and would like to do that interactively. This leads to formation of patient networks that are comprised of a highly motivated group of community members seeking mutual support and searching among available health care options. The use of social networks has proven to be so successful in the health care field that it has given rise to a new trend coined “Health2.0”. The HealthWorldWeb was founded at the dawn of the Health2.0 movement and positioned as the nexus of information technology and personalized medical care.

Social networking in the enterprise is on the rise but so is the number of players in this field. All of the tools in the marketplace already offer all the tools such as blogs, forums, chats, wiki’s just to name a few. There is no longer any differentiating in the marketplace and the competition is purely based on price and ability to deliver. The social decision support platform MyHealthExperience provided by HealthWorldWeb was created to fulfill that need and serve as the intel-inside engine to the already existing social network.

In 2010 HealthWorldWeb was aquired by Health Grades