What is MyHealthExperience Platform?

MyHealthExperience (www.myhealthexperience.com, the flagship product of Health World Web, is the internet-based social decision platform related to the medical and healthcare industry with the personalized recommendation engine (“PRE”), driven by user profiles, on-site behavioral patterns and network analysis techniques to direct the push of both professional- and user-generated health-related content as well as recommendations for medical professionals to the users

Our social decision support platform is the intelligence-inside our own communication software but can also bring that wisdom into your existing social network. By generating and understanding your user’s social graph we generate actionable events for your members, in turn allowing them to learn from experiences of others.

Most notable platform features include:

  • Individual & Community Reviews
  • Community Surveys
  • Artifact/Resource Recommendations
  • User Recommendations
  • Community Recommendations
  • Reverse Engineering Social Connections
  • Forward Forecasting of Relationships
  • Similarity Scores
  • Individual Intelligent Recommendations
  • Context Based Recommendations
  • Automatic Classifications
  • Values Forecasting
  • Personalized Search & Evaluations
  • Personalized News Delivery
  • Personalized RSS Feeds

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In 2010 MyHealthExperience.com was aquired by Health Grades